RANDOM creates Infinite Unique Sounds with a single click.



Infinite Sound Generator
RANDOM Plugin in action



RANDOM x AVNIER Collector’s
Edition T-shirts ENDS Sept. 29th



The Collector’s Edition

Artists collaboration // Phazz

Born from the visionary minds of Multi-Platinum Producer Phazz and the lauded tech pioneers BEATSURFING, this plugin transcends boundaries, forging a new path in sound design.

Elevate your music, and let the limitless soundscape of RANDOM be the catalyst for your next sonic masterpiece.




For one week only, get the AVNIER x RANDOM collector’s edition
t-shirt bundled with the RANDOM plugin.
Inspired by the plugins use of Ai and neural networks, an algorithm will randomly assigned a color scheme for each AVNIER collector’s edition shirt, making them truly RANDOM.
Get the RANDOM plugin and let the limitless soundscape of RANDOM be the catalyst for your next sonic masterpiece.




In collabortation with AVNIER, the audio visual workwear brand founded by Orelsan and Sébastien Strappazzon, we created an exclusive merch drop for the random launch.
For one week only, the AVNIER x RANDOM collector’s edition t-shirt’s are available.
In keeping with the random estetic, ai will randomly assigned a color scheme for each shirt printed, making them truly random.




Windows 10
2GHz Pentium IV processor or equivalent
A host that supports 32-bit or 64-bit VST
At least 16MB free disk space
Formats: VST, VST3


macOS 10.15 Catalina or later
Intel or Apple Silicon processor
A host application that supports 64-bit VST or AudioUnit
at least 52MB free disk space
Formats: AU, VST, VST3


FL studio: Turn on the ‘Use fixed size buffers’ option in the ‘Troubleshooting’ tab of the plugin settings.


1. Go on the https://vst.beatsurfing.com/audio-plugins/random/ page or on the page detail and click on “Buy it Now“.

Buy RANDOM Plugin

2. Fill your details for the Billing, check the terms and conditions box after reading them and click on “Place order


Check out page on vst.beatsurfing.com

Download RANDOM - Right after purchase

After (previously) clicking 'Place order' you land on a summary page of your purchase.

1. Click the 'RANDOM Downloader' that suits you best regarding to your location and 'Save' on your computer.

Note: the file is less than 100Mo

RANDOM Downloader page after purchase

Download RANDOM - From the order confirmation email you received

After purchasing, you received an email with the subject: "Thank you for ordering on of our BEATSURFING VSTs".

1. Click the link 'RANDOM Downloader' for PC or Mac that suits you best regarding to your location.

e-mail received with downloader links after purchasing the RANDOM Plugin

Download RANDOM - From your account

When placing your order, an account that you can access anytime has automatically been created: https://vst.beatsurfing.com/my-account-new/downloads/

Note: If you are not automatically connected, please refer to the email "Your BEATSURFING VSTs account has been created" received when you placed your order or when you created an account on the vst.beatsurfing.com website.

1. Go to the 'Downloads' tab on the left side of your screen.
2. Click any 'RANDOM Downloader' button Mac or PC that suits you best regarding to your location.

Download Tab in My Account on vst.beatsurfing.com

1. Download random.pkg installer file from your BEATSURFING VSTs account and double-click it to begin the installation process.
2. Click 'Continue'

3. Select the destination and Click 'Continue'

4. Select the package you want to install and click 'continue'

5. Click 'Install'

6. Click 'Close' and restart your computer

1. Download random.zip and unzip the installer file "random.exe" to a folder of your liking. Open it and choose the location where you want to install the VST3 and then click 'Next'

2. Do the same for VST, then click 'Next'

3. Click 'Install'

4. Click 'Finish'

After purchasing RANDOM your License key appeared on your Licenses page: https://vst.beatsurfing.com/my-license/
Note: Each license can be activated on 2 devices either for macOS or Windows.

1. Copy your License number
2. Open RANDOM from your DAW
3. Enter your license key number while launching the VST


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