How to…

How to… 7DeadlySnares

1. Go on the page or on the page detail and click on “Add to cart“.

2. Go to cart by clicking on “View cart” or the basket icon

3. Click “Proceed to checkout

4. Fill your details for the Billing and click on “Place order

Note: Even if you take the “Trial” version, your billing information are needed to create your account where you’ll access your license.
Note: For “Trial” version, no credit card is needed.

Download 7DeadlySnares - Right after purchase

After (previously) clicking 'Place order' you land on a summary page of your purchase.

1. Click '7DeadlySnares Downloader' button and 'Save' on your computer.

Note: the file is more than 600Mo

Download 7DeadlySnares - From the order confirmation email you received

After purchasing, you received an email with the subject: "Your BEATSURFING VSTs order is now complete".

1. Click the link '7DeadlySnares Downloader' PC or Mac

Download 7DeadlySnares - From your account

When placing your order, an account that you can access anytime has automatically been created:

Note: If you are not automatically connected, please refer to the email "Your BEATSURFING VSTs account has been created" received when you placed your order or when you created an account on the website.

1. Go to the 'Downloads' tab on the right side of your screen.
2. Click '7DeadlySnares Download' button Mac or PC

1. Download 7DeadlySnares.pkg installer file from your BEATSURFING VSTs account and double-click it to begin the installation process. (experiencing some trouble, check below)
2. Click 'Continue'

3. Click 'Install'

4. Fill in your computer session username and password, then click 'Install Software'

5. Click 'Close' and restart your computer

Copy the downloaded .vst3 binary file to your DAW's VST3 folder.
Note: You need to unzip the downloaded file to access the .vst3 file.

After purchasing, find the binary file from Your account dashboard in the 'Downloads' tab.

After purchasing 7DeadlySnares (Trial or Perpetual) your License key appeared on your Licenses page:
Note: Each license can be activated on 2 devices either for macOS or Windows.

1. Copy your License number
2. Open the 7DeadlySnares from your DAW

3. Enter your license key number while launching the VST


If '7DeadlySnares' doesn't appear in Ableton live, "Rescan" your Plug-In Sources in Ableton Live 'Preferences', in the Plug-ins tab.